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Times Touch has provided Media Monitoring services for Print, Online, National, Social, Advertisement, Electronic and Tender media in India. Times Touch Press Monitor the effectiveness of your media campaigns and evaluate industry trends to provide well-shaped media management solutions. Times Touch deals today’s best Media Tracking solution provider, unique media coverage from all industry sector, extremely picture-perfect clippings, programmed daily monitoring coverage alerts.

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We are great at what we do and our Services

Fully Customizable Report

We create insightful summarization reports and provide fully customizable formats based on requirements.


Keep Monitor of your brand with unique combination of media monitoring technologies and human intelligence.

500+ Magazines

National Magazines are monitored across our global network to provide clients with the coverage they essential.

Timely Delivery

Clips delivered by email the next morning before start of business or in real time and consolidated scans of press clippings every Week.


Live Analytics will show you to understand efficiency of their creativities. Detailed 360O analytics views of each and every coverage.

Do-it-Yourself Analytics

Provide customized, Event management and Analysis research on D-I-Y phase every day in all the aspects.








Social Coverages


Stories Delivered




Times Touch portal is in-built and designed for ease of use. All of its functionality is available to all clients so if you start with a basic monitoring and enlarge over to complex measurement analytics.


Times Touch includes custom views and folders and user-selectable and exportable charts to help you easily create your important graphs. Times Touch has both the charts and data are exportable from any part of your dashboard to simplify reporting.


Times Touch monitoring services process to cover traditional, broadcast, and social media, giving an all-inclusive view of media coverage. The Twice daily alerts and tailored website and its many search options and ensuring timely delivery of reports.

Key Features

Member Login Credential for Any Time Access / Any Where

Multiple/Single Coverage Export in PDF, DOC & JPG

Completely Customizable and Dynamic Report

Fully Smartphone Responsive Dashboard

Social App Alerts i.e. WhatsApp, Hike, etc…

D-I-Y Tailored Analytic Views

About Us

We are a company of hundreds of specialists committed to delivering useful monitoring data for Internet, Newspaper, Media Analytics and Advertising agencies around in India. Times Touch Media monitoring provides you the competitive edge and intellect data for markets in India. Times Touch provides relevant media clips/coverage from broad range of sources in real-time. We offer highly competitive and flexible pricing options to make sure you receive the best quality at the most completive cost.

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