Advertisement Media Monitoring

Advertising is a key factor of all media whichever print or television. Planned business decisions are extremely essential vision to refine advertising plans. Times Touch has own well-organized advertisement tracking technology that offers you the specifics of which Advertisement acted in which media and how many times.

Times Touch advertising tracking service can be used as proof of advertising an event or campaign. ¬ Advertisement monitoring service qualifies our clients to get a cutting-edge support their decision making process. Times Touch emphasis is to guarantee that your expansion best out of the price spent on your advertisement. ¬†Times Touch have confidence in offering Advertisement tracking service that plays with “true value for money”.

Times Touch also includes Advertisement tracking as one of the value added service. Advertisement monitoring also known as post testing or ad effectiveness tracking monitors brands performance, including brand and advertisement awareness, product trial and usage, and attitudes about the brand versus their competition. Times Touch drive of advertisement is to provide a weight-age, efficiency, objective, and excellence of the executions. Reports generated by Times Touch Ad tracking can be used to estimate the ROI of advertising, and to refine advertising plans.

Advertisement tracking helps you define your ROI so you know how effective a campaign has been. Tracking of the advertisements of other players also helps to know what your differentiating aspect are and how you can stay forward. Times Touch offers skilled advertisement tracking services and give you all the visions and reports.

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