Electronic Monitoring

Television tracking is one of the most required basics of media. Times Touch is well reputed television monitoring assistance that handles over hundred channels. Our up-to-date technology reserve us the benefit to offer television clipping services in any format, time and any media channels. Times Touch television monitoring experts is highly experienced and qualified. This helps you to take refined and speedy decisions about various aspects.

Times Touch monitors over 100+ channels in all different Indian languages broadcast across the country.  The television media takes just little moments to alter the brand image and reputation, thus affecting the customer’s promotion. Times Touch media benefits the businesses and marketing professionals by tracking their electronic media coverage and providing the information you request and is extremely secure, accurate television monitoring service.

Times Touch Electronic Monitoring provide typically include the systematic recording of Radio & Television broadcast, the collection of clippings from all the available media, the collection of data from respective information sources with high accuracy.

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