Media Analytics

Times Touch provides expertise qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of all media coverage. Times Touch analysis provides you the data and the numbers that you want to understand the segment of media attention for all the coverage of a specific coverage. As well, we also provide perceptive data related to specific brands, products, competition, industry. We provide a presentation report on monthly basis including both the social Media & Traditional Media Analysis.

Times Touch all the services generates added value for our key customers of information from all media channels can be initiate in the media analytics segment. The media monitoring analytics is the vital role of the methodical and communication device to control. Times Touch media analytics responses for places of specific companies, detailed sectors, persons, brands and products.

In media analysis report we take up the SOV, Sentiments, Tonality, Key Influencers, Author Background and finally the Key topics of discussion. Times Touch media analysis services help to use media coverage as key component for communicating more effectively and make informed business decision. Raise your visibility across any number of communications channel. Times Touch monitor the effectiveness of your media campaigns and evaluate industry trends to provide tailored media management solutions.

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