Online Media Monitoring

Times Touch monitoring nearly 1,00,000 news websites and provide complete analyse for each article delivered to your dashboard. Times Touch online media monitoring can be used to track brand, company, competitors, products, campaigns and much more. Times Touch is tracking story and stay on important news in real-time and reported to you on time.  Times Touch gives you the tracking based on keywords, whether it’s brand, company, competition, products, releases, events or industry crisis.

Online media monitoring is a major cause of business intellect. Online media tracking can help the organizations classify trends, monitor their status, and respond in real-time. Times Touch has the well-professionals, technology, and custom-made tools to monitor any number of websites on a daily basis. Times Touch professionals ensures that you have complete detailed reports in your inbox!

With our advanced technology system online media tracking is done with digital speed that enables you to retrieve, search, organize and analyse. Online media monitoring is done either across global or for a specific region based on your target. Based on your objective and the need the reports are shared in such a manner that is easily understood and accessed by any time.

Times Touch deals today’s best online media monitoring solution provider, unique media coverage from all industry sector, extremely picture-perfect clippings, programmed daily monitoring coverage alerts and online coverage clips. Times Touch gets depth data on all coverage clips and structures tailored to your exact necessities.

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