Tender Monitoring

Times Touch provide easy to learn about various and huge number of tenders at a single go rather than searching in all print media or browsing online media. Times Touch keeps a track of various types of tenders by industry, type, client, state, region or sector. Times Touch provide a list of top business openings at the right time. This helps our clients in exploiting on the same and cut-off the number of inappropriate tender leads that we come across.

We make sure that Times Touch provide you statistics on all business tenders so that you can importance your widespread attention on winning the tenders. Times Touch tender tracking tools are an additional lead that assists first-hand tender prospects to our clients.  Times Touch tracking of tenders from various online web-portals, print newspapers and all other available sources is performed to boost-up the business chance from various regions.

For most businesses, applying for various tenders is a crucial step in building the business and taking it forward. Although the success of a tender depends on a variety of factors, the most important factor is being able to identify the right tenders to apply for. You would have to invest a lot of time and energy on this, which could be used to focus on core business areas instead.

Times Touch help you update your exploration by classifying tenders according to exact industries, regions, clients, etc. It’s help you save time and effort, which you can then participate in trailing your tender openings. Times Touch tender tracking services is also study each and every tender to give you all the valued information to bid effectively.

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